Searching on Google - Advanced Search Tricks

Searching on Google
We do often search lot of things in Google. Yeah Google is our main search engine, no doubt. But often we feel bad, when the search result not appeared properly as we wish. We said, "Google has lot of things from where I don't find mine". 

No, Actually the fault was not Google's. It was you who don't know how to filtering searches. Yeah definitely we need to filter the search results as there are tons of related things in Google and we need to find out a specific things. There are lot of tips about searching in net. Lot of well descriptive blogs are there. I just put here the basic methods. No description. I believe if you just try copy-paste the examples you will understand everything. So, there are no meaning to waste our time spending reading those descriptions.

  1. Explicit Phrase: "latest movies"
  2. Exclude Words:  latest movies -bollywood
  3. Site Specific Search: "latest movies", “latest movies
  4. Similar Words and Synonyms: "latest movies" ~films
  5. Specific Document Types: "latest movies" filetype:mp4
  6. This OR That: latest movies OR films
    (Note: The OR has to be capitalized).
  7. Phone Listing: phonebook:617-555-1212 (Note: the provided number does not work – you’ll have to use a real number to get any results).
  8. Numeric Ranges: president 1940..1950
  9. Stock (Ticker Symbol): PHPMF1 (A)
  10. Calculator: 48512 * 1.02
  11. Word Definitions: define:plethora
  12. Currency Exchange Rate: 1USD=?BDT, $1=tk?
  13. The Wildcard: “google purchased * for * dollars”
  14. Unit Conversions: 5 nautical miles in kilometers

How to Align Blogger Posts - CSS tips

CSS tips
This is the second article in a very series regarding CSS styling tricks and tips for Blogger written with Blogger beginners and novices in mind however appropriate for all bloggers who need to customise their existing Blogger template. whereas the primary article restricted a way to add or take away image borders in Blogger these days I show you the way to align and justify Blogger posts.

Skill Level: Beginner     Rating: straightforward     Time: one Minute

Many of the queries that my readers inquire from me are regarding a way to customise varied options of their Blogger template (Blogspot template). Over the approaching weeks i'll be specializing in some easy CSS styling tricks and tips to assist you get additional out of your Blogger template. abundant are often achieved by learning a trifle regarding CSS. thus before you rush off to download a custom Blogger template contemplate customizing your existing Blogger template.

This tutorial is a component of a series of articles that i'll publishing over the approaching weeks regarding customizing your Blogger template using CSS styling. i'll be targeting beginner bloggers and newbies to Blogger in addition as additional seasoned bloggers thus if you wish to boost your Blogger template please browse along.

How to Justify Blogger Posts (Blogspot Posts) Using CSS

It is straightforward to vary the text alignment of your Blogger posts with the addition of 1 further line within the CSS styling section of your Blogger template (Blogspot template). By default the alignment is ready to left align so the text aligns to the left whereas the correct edge is ragged. you'll be able to even have right alignment where the text aligns to the correct and also the left edge is ragged.

Another not thus common possibility is to justify the text so each left and right edges are straight. Users of MS Word and different word processing programs are acquainted with justify as an alignment alternative. Justify stretches out the text so every line has an equal width kind of like what you may notice in newspapers and magazines. I even have found justifying my Blogger posts to be a helpful feature on many of my blogs and thought a number of you would possibly to. Below are directions on a way to simplify your Blogger posts so all of your blog's articles are justified however initial take a glance at the distinction in presentation of those a pair of blog posts just by justifying the alignment of the text. Makes an enormous distinction do not you think?

  • Before you begin check how text is currently aligned on your Blogger posts. If it's left aligned you'll be ready to follow this trick to justify it. If it's already justified no have to be compelled to go from now on.
  • Login to Blogger if not already logged in
  • From the Dashboard click the Layout link for your blog and then click on Edit HTML
  • Back up your template by downloading it in full as a precaution
  • Use CTRL + F to search out the code block starting with .post within the CSS styling section of your Blogger template. As templates can differ greatly there aren't any laborious and quick rules regarding what styling are during this block. Here may be a typical code block taken from the default Minima Blogger template
.post {
margin:.5em 0 1.5em;
border-bottom:1px dotted $bordercolor;

  •  Add the following line to the code block before the end brace (the end curly bracket)

so that your code now looks like:
.post {
margin:.5em 0 1.5em;
border-bottom:1px dotted $bordercolor;

  1. Click on Save Template
  2. Click View Blog to see the alignment of all your posts has now changed to justified

Get Hundreds of Links to Your Next Blog Post, Guaranteed

In the backward 1800′s, Kaiser Wilhelm capital to induce rid of a cardinal of his assembly within the German government. Since abounding of them were recent, he absitively to line the age of retirement to sixty five and auspiciously affected them out of their positions. to the present day, we tend to still use the aforementioned retirement age concerning the globe.

If you’re apprehensive what purpose|the purpose} of administration that was once more let me say this: There was no point. My banderole led you to apprehend the column introduction, and my aboriginal branch was acceptable abundant to induce you to apprehend the second. Since I settle for your attention, let me acquaint you one added thing: you've got to stay individuals hooked on your content if you wish to induce links. individuals don’t allotment things they don’t scan.

How does one get bodies absorbed on your content? How does one address posts that bodies are added acceptable to allotment with their audience? How are you able to agreement that bodies can apprehend your blog post?

The answer, is to just accept an alarming abstraction and address accomplished copy. however that’s such a ambiguous response.

They say that concerning eightieth of holiday makers to your blog can apprehend your column title, however alone concerning two hundredth can completely apprehend the accompanying post. This agency that the simplest thanks to get added links, is to induce added bodies account your post. Since you consistently get beneath bodies account your column than you are doing your headline, you settle for to accomplish your banderole superb, in adjustment to appoint as abounding guests as attainable.

I’ve analysed dozens of blogs to seek out out what sorts of headlines lead to posts obtaining many links. Before I share the results of my findings, let’s provides a fast personal example…

Though i believe the subsequent analysis is much a lot of vital than my very own examples, some individuals can would like some “proof” that i do know what I’m talking concerning. For those individuals, here’s a number of of my posts, with their accompanying link count:
  • WordPress SEO: The Only Guide You Need – 433 links
  • Guest Blogging: The Ultimate Guide – 297 links
  • The Highest Converting Facebook Page I’ve Ever Seen – 307 links
And it’s not just in the marketing niche where I can do it either. Here’s an example for a guest post that I wrote in the personal development field:
  • 8 Harsh Truths That Will Dramatically Improve Your Life – 225 links

Do you apprehension annihilation in accepted with those blog posts? Since I didn’t articulation to them, the commonality shouldn’t be too adamantine to identify. For those of you who are confused, all of them – a minimum of, in my assessment – settle for accomplished headlines. They settle for account that accomplish you demand to apprehend the post, and agreeable that you’ll get quantity from.

They are ultimately the blazon of column that added sites artlessly demand to articulation to.

Getting links is thus vital not alone for added attending agent rankings, except for the arduous cardinal of recent guests who will acreage on your web site back added blogs allocution concerning you. As these links will adjudge whether or not you acceleration to the ranks of the A-list or abide to handle for an admirers of 1, let’s attending at how you'll ability account that get browse, and find links

web design

The Item:Hype blueprint is artlessly the name I've absorbed to a look of banderole I see that's each accepted and effective. It essentially permits you to actualize a appellation that catches people’s absorption which will assignment in any trade. The name of this banderole look is completely the banderole look itself.Item: is that the accountable you’re talking concerning and Hype is that the chase up that makes bodies demand to apprehend it.

Other bloggers accept auspiciously acclimated this title, in cases such as:
  • Open Source Blogging: Feel Free to Steal My Content – 1,638 links
  • Geek to Freak: How I Gained 34 lbs. of Muscle in 4 Weeks – 1,310 links
This simple strategy can even make shoes and conversion testing interesting. Don’t believe me?
  • Vibram Five Fingers: The Barefoot Alternative – 607 links

There’s an addition to activity barefoot? individuals fully airing regarding barefoot? The banderole creates queries in my mind, and that i demand to apprehend the column to urge answers. If you get inventive, you'll alike solid this design around.

…could calmly settle for been a acceptable banderole for this post. it might settle for been a abundant archetype of addition banderole anatomy that gets attention, and ultimately links. The aim of this extra blazon of banderole is to accommodate some array of final ending, or adumbration of “finality” (I’m abiding there’s a ready chat for that) within the seek for acceptable agreeable on a assertive topic.

Based on how it's candy in our minds, it's going to alike advance you to apprehend a column on a affair you wouldn’t commonly be absorbed in, back you don’t demand to absence the adventitious to urge the most effective agreeable on that subject.

“What does one settle for to lose? it'll alone booty a number of account to browse. I don’t demand to affliction not accepting apprehend this within the future.”

That’s the anticipation action we have a tendency to demand accident within the minds of our readers. Some accepted account during this category include:
  • 15 Coolest Firefox Tricks Ever – 697 links
  • Zen To Done: The Ultimate Simple Productivity System – 1,277 links
  • How to Discover Your Life Purpose in About 20 Minutes – 1,407 links
  • The Bloggers Guide to SEO – 2,540 links

The aboriginal banderole makes me anticipate 2 things. One, it’s settle for that I absent added Firefox tricks guides acquaint on-line. Two, no larger column has anytime been accounting on this subject, therefore I ought to apprehend it. If i used to be adorable for a abundance system, once more the extra banderole assures me that I’ve begin the one I ought to be following.

Explore how you'll use the “end of the search” abstraction in your column titles. Words like “Ultimate”, “Ever”, “Need”, and “Greatest” ought to recommendation get you started.

You can’t address a column on adorable account that does not accommodate the account post. It’s article that has been concerning for years and charcoal accepted to the current day. Account posts are adorable as a result of they accord the abstraction of quality, variety, and a column that's accessible to browse. you'll acquisition them on concerning each huge blog out there, and that they will calmly go viral if done well.
  • 10 Virtually Instant Ways to Improve Your Life – 232 links
  • The Not-To-Do List: 9 Habits to Stop Now – 872 links
  • 10 Benefits of Rising Early, and How to Do It – 1195 links
  • 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity – 5,570 links
  • 40+ Tips to Improve your Grammar and Punctuation – 209 links
  • 279 Days to Overnight Success – 3,330 links
Of course, putting a cardinal in your banderole abandoned wont recommendation to accomplish the column a hit. think about application a account banderole for an abstraction that already has the adventitious to travel viral. for instance, “Virtually Instant ways in which to boost Your Life” and “The Not-To-Do List: The Habits to prevent Now” are acceptable titles, and ablaze column ideas. They’re artlessly fabricated added adorable with the addition of figures.

web design
The final banderole abstraction I’ve begin to assignment able-bodied is to adjure curiosity. you'll be able to aiguille thereforemeone’s absorption so abundant that they settle for very little best however to bang on your column banderole — alike if it isn’t bright what your commodity is regarding. Similarly, you'll be able to “tease” bodies and accord them a beaker along with your headline. If the allurement is appetizing enough, you’ll get them to apprehend the post.

Some accessories that place this into activity include:
  • Travel Full-Time for Less than $14,000 Per Year – 369 links
  • 7 Secrets of the Super Organised – 279 links
  • 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job – 3,390 links

The aboriginal archetype is an accomplished one in my assessment as a result of it provides us the bait, and guarantees to interrupt it with a surprise. having the ability to “travel full-time” is activity to urge anyone’s attention, abnormally if you brace it with such a coffee quantity purpose. the extra banderole makes me analytical to apperceive what those secrets are, and therefore the third sounds absorbing with a little of altercation befuddled in, therefore I demand to apprehend that still.

Taking the abstraction from the aboriginal headline, I might additionally use the 3 added arrangement examples during this column to ability adorable titles regarding the aforementioned concept:
  • Travel Ninja: How to See the World on a Miniscule Budget (Item:Hype Formula)
  • The Last Guide to Travel Hacking You’ll Ever Need to Read (Finality Formula)
  • 21 Steps to Exploring the Planet for Next to Nothing (List Post Formula)
  • Discover How Travelling the Globe Is Cheaper Than Renting An Apartment(Curiosity Formula)

It’s thus accessible to use these formulas to seem up with annual that are activity to – fully artlessly – get lots added bodies annual your content. If you aloof absorb an hour or thus aggravating to place these into follow, you ought to calmly be able to seem up with twenty annual that chase a authentic ways of accepting links.

It’s activity to be abutting to absurd to urge many links to your column if you apprehend all of this however balloon to booty article actual vital into consideration. If you don’t settle for the agreeable to “back up” your alarming headline, once more it’s absurd crafting such a acceptable banderole within the aboriginal place.

Your headline, aboriginal and foremost, is completely suggested to urge bodies to apprehend the blow of your post. Even admitting they’re annual it, they still settle for to simply accept an honest timeit if they’re activity to allotment it. If that wasn’t obvious.

If I’m activity to deal with a column concerning WordPress SEO and alarm it “the alone adviser you need” once more I can’t aloof accord a number of all-encompassing recommendations on the topic, I truly settle for to accomplish it the simplest adviser on-line. If I alarm Articulation Trio a “simple, however powerful, articulation design tactic” once more it's to be each easy to equipment and awful effective.

Just abacus this in for any nitpickers: The articulation counts for the posts are never activity to be altogether correct. I took the counts from each the Yahoo web site Explorer and therefore the Open web site Explorer. the purpose of the column charcoal intact: Acceptable annual recommendation posts get links. because of the afterward sites for accouterment me with these accomplished examples: DumbLittleMan, ZenHabits,Lifehack, FourHourWorkWeek, Chris Guillebeau, SEO Book, Steve Pavlina and that i can Teach You To Be wealthy.

Some of you'll anticipate that these sites are massive, thus that’s why they get many links to their posts. i'd alone altercate that they’re massive as a result of they get many links to their posts. ViperChill fully hasn’t developed to fourteen,000 subscribers thus certain as a result of I address the aforementioned agreeable as anybody else.

Is Yahoo (or Gmail or Hotmail or ...) reading my email?

web design

I noticed the banderole ads on Yahoo Mail mirror the potential of my mail. To analysis this, I created some affected letters to myself with capability accepting capability of no absorption to me like dog food, new car, landscaping, new shoes, etc. and noticed the ad banners modification to mirror them. I see ads for fully my mail subjects. Is Yahoo accounting my mail?

It's not bound to Yahoo. In fact, my admired archetype is back blockage my spam binder in Gmail, the ad beyond the very best is typically for some affectionate of affable compound involving Spam, the meat product.

Absolutely, if you're seeing targeted ads on your email show, another time the service, be it Yahoo or Gmail or whomever, has tried your email, analyzed its contents, best out assertive keywords and another time akin it up adjoin their account of accessible advertising.
"... they do exactly the same thing to filter out spam."

Is that "reading" your email?

Well, yes and no.

Obviously, that that they had to assay your message's capability to actuate what it's regarding at that aerial level.
But then, they're doing absolutely the aforementioned affair to clarify out spam. Most accepted spam angry techniques absorb allegory the anatomy of email to actuate its characteristics and intent, and achieve some affectionate of assurance whether or not or not or not the e-mail is spam.

So, yeah, that's "reading" your email too, in a sense.

Now, is addition - some being - account your email to spy on you or see what you're adage or contrarily accumulate clue of you?
OK, maybe yes for some very little proportion of you below government surveillance, I suppose, apart from the overwhelming majority of people reading this the answer is also a powerful NO.

As I've said completely different times here, you, as a non-public, aloof aren't that fascinating.

Sorry if that's a bang adjoin your ego.

What if you're still concerned?

Opt out.

Depending on your akin of paranoia, which may beggarly artlessly alteration to a beneath advancing email service, affective to some affectionate of encrypted email, or it should beggarly not application email within the least. Email, by its actual nature, is completely woefully insecure, which is one acumen that these techniques for spam angry and ad confined assignment within the least.

It's additionally one acumen that spam exists.

But for best people, targeted ads are artlessly a assurance of the times, and annihilation further.

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How to Add Robots.txt and Sitemap.Xml

Hello friends, today I am going to write regarding the thanks to add a robots.txt and sitemap.xml into internet web site

First of all it’s important to know what is Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml file. I justify a fast introduction here for extra information regarding those searches Google.


Each search engine have its own crawlers like robots, scooters etc. When these crawlers go to any internet web site first of all they check the robots.txt file and then crawl the entire internet web site. In line with robots.txt file permission they crawl an online web site. as an example if I prohibit the Google crawler to contact us page then my contact us page is not crawled. This could be an idea regarding Robots and why we have a tendency to tend to use the Robots.txt file. Here is that the subsequent code that is used for robots.txt file.


Use * and leave blank field in front of disallow if you want to allow all robots to crawl your internet web site. You will be able to prohibit a page by using following code.

user-agent: *
disallow: /cgi/

This code offer the instruction to crawlers to not crawl a page with cgi name.

How to upload it in website

After finishing the coding of Robots.txt in Notepad, place it aside with robots.txt name. currently Use FTP server to upload it and upload it inside the basis directory of your internet web site.

What is Sitemap.xml
Sitemap.xml and sitemap.html are two sorts of sitemaps. Sitemap.Xml can be a kind of sitemap that is used only for crawlers. Sitemap can be a file that makes an internet web site straightforward to travel to. When crawlers come to website then in line with sitemaps they crawl the overall site. Sitemap.xml is formed by using varied on-line tools like Enter your internet web site url here and download the coding file. Save the same file in notepad with sitemap.xml file and upload it in Root directory of your internet web site.

I hope this temporary description offer you with set up regarding Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml. If this post assists you then Like my facebook fan page and follow my blog.

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How To Set Up Goals and Funnels In Google Analytic?

Google Analytic's is a webmaster tool that help webmaster to know the results for site.
Know more about Google Analytic's by Googlize it. I am going to post how to set up Goals in Google Analytic's. Setting goals mean, Having knowledge of ROI (Return on Investment). Goal conversion mean when a visitor turn into customer. For tracking how much visitors turned into customers, goals are used. Read more About Goal Conversion from Google Anaytic's Support Center. Follow the below steps to set up goals.

1. Log In To Google Analytic.
2. Open dashboard for site that is going to setting up with goals.
3. Click on Goals in right side as showed in image.

4. Click on "Add Goal button" then a new window open. Create Goal Name " so you can easily identify it". Like you are creating a goal conversion for contact us page then assign it "Contact us" to identify.

5. Click on "Active Goal" Radio Button "ON" mode
6. Goal Position is the number of Goals you set and what is the position of current goal.
7. Goal Type - There are three options

I. URL Destination
II. Time on Site
III. Page/Visits

This mean, the type of your goal or you can set three types of goals. Below the brief description of these three types: -

URL Destination: - It means when a user reach on the specified URL then this type of Goal it completed like you set a Goal for /About.html page, if a user click on About.html page then Your Goal is completed.
Time on site: - When a user spend a particular time as you set in Goal while creating this type of Goal then this Goal Completed like you set a Goal if a visitor spend 3 minutes on site.
Page/Visits: - This mean when a user visits the minimum number of pages that you specified in your Goals, like you set a Goal if a visitor visit 2 pages.

Now choose 1 of them, we go with URL Destination, when we click on URL Destination option, page expands below with title "Goal Details:-

1. The first one is "Match Type" and its Text button show three options

i. Head Match
ii. Exact Match
iii. Regular Expression Match

Goal URL Match Types: - The match type defines how GA identifies a Goal/Funnel

i. Head Match:- Its mean when a particular word of URL visited then this is counted like your set ..../offer/....
Its mean there is something behind the offer/.. page.

ii. Exact Match: - This Goal is counted only if the exact URL is visited. like .../offer/signup.html. I Recommend for Exact Match type Goal.

iii. Regular Expression Match:- Regular expressions are the marks like * or . etc. Like if we can set a Goal /*/signup.html. This mean if a visitor visits /offer/signup.html or /offer1/signup.html these are counted as Goals.

So Give the Exact Type of Match Type, Now move further
2. Goal URL:- Now give the url of page for what you want to create Goal like i created a goal for (stock exchange) , Here is no need to give full url just type the page url like /about-me.html.
3. Case Sensitive :- Case sensitive mean, matching for the character of url like we set a url in small character but a visitor visit our site with capital letters URL. So if you think you Goal URL is different for both types then check it otherwise leave it blank.
4. Goal Value:- Goal Value mean how much you earn or how much value of this Goal.

Now Give a little smile because your Goal is set and You did it.

But it not finish the Goal conversion at all.
As see in your page a further button calling "Funnels" stand still. So what you think go through that, I am here to help you.

Funnels:- Funnels mean a process from which a user or visitor visits your target page. For example - A visitor enter into your website with home page and then seen your site is interesting. He like to read more from there. Now he/she go to next page of your site and then next page and then your targeted page. So this process is called Funnel.
Like i set a funnel for /about-me.html page, the path i give to my funnel is home-page->about-me.html.
Now click on "yes i add a funnel"
step 1 : - Give the URL of page from your want to come. As shown in Image of Chart.
Name it like you want to come from home page, then name home page. So like this you can add as many pages as you want.

Now click on Save Goal. You Goal is saved. You created your First Goal congrats. After clicking on Save Goal you come back to Edit profile page where the page of your Goal is displayed under Goals Section.

Some more interesting posts like this are in my blog. If This post help you then Like my facebook fan page and follow my blog.

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What is a Copywriter?

Whenever you hear a thirty second spot on the radio or scan the words in an exceedingly magazine print ad, a copywriter is accountable. A copywriter creates the text for advertisements, promotional brochures or alternative public relations shops. Advertising agencies routinely visit a written script as copy; therefore the name copywriter applies to people who produce the scripts. In earlier times, a copywriter could are relegated to mundane chores like rewriting weather reports or newswire stories, however nowadays a copywriter is usually simply as invaluable as a graphic artist or the on-air talent who scan the copywriter's words.

A good copywriter sometimes includes a sturdy background in English and/or journalism. Persistently a copywriter should work underneath tight area or timing constraints, thus a degree of creativity and therefore the ability to suppose besieged is additionally a useful trait. The thought is to use language to reinforce the image of a product or produce a desired mood. Throughout a typical business production, the copywriter works closely with the shopper and alternative inventive team members to come up with ideas. From those brainstorming sessions comes a operating script which can set the tone for the opposite components -- video, music, narration, acting and thus on.

There is a still lot of routine work performed by a copywriter, like writing press releases for firms and general interest stories for newspapers. A copywriter might not have the chance to jot down ensuing nice yank Novel each week; however the work is usually steady and pays well. Some see the position of copywriter as a solid introduction to the important business of writing. A operating copywriter may also earn income by writing nonfiction items for print magazines or bidding on freelance writing contracts.
A copywriter operating for a high-end skilled advertising agency will truly do quite well financially. Alternative lucrative venues embrace ghostwriting for non-professional writers and freelance editing of scripts or novels. Those operating for newspapers or tv news organizations will advance from copywriting to production or editing work. Some copywriters are utilized as voice over talent for radio spots or actors in tv commercials and promos.

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What is a Freelance Writer?

Freelance Writer
An author is anyone who puts pen to paper, whether or not for enjoyment, creative talent, inventive outlet, volunteer work or pay. Paid writers, used full time by one employer, may work for a newspaper, magazine, advertising business, or the other business that desires a full time author on employees. a contract author is just a author who acts as a little business or freelance contractor; he sets his own pace, seeks out his own work, and pays nobody however himself.

A freelance author may work full time as a author or have a totally completely different daytime career. a contract author may merely write for fun, jotting down poems, posting on-line blogs, or attempting his hand at short fiction. a contract author can be a stay-at-home parent, school student or shut-in. no matter his selection, the liberty one finds in being a contract author is an element of the charm.

There is an outsized market from that a contract author will opt for, and therefore the sky is that the limit on what sort of genre or what proportion work a contract author may need at any given time. a contract author whose specialty is fiction may dabble in poetry, short stories or e-books, or he may need an ongoing novel within the works. Several publishers can settle for fiction however most freelance writers agree it's a way tougher market to interrupt into.

Non-fiction is everywhere, each on-line and in print: magazine articles, books, advertisements, business proposals, promoting plans, manuals, contracts and web page. Articles written by a contract author can be entertaining, informational, or instructive. A non-fiction freelance author can have a way higher likelihood of finding work than a contract author specializing solely in fiction.

A freelance author may need freedom that a formally used employee doesn't, however with that freedom comes abundant responsibility. Writing is just a part of the work of a contract author. The freelance author should keep track of his own income and taxes. Cash could be a constant issue as a result of work is sporadic and perpetually changing. Several publishers communicate clearly with their freelance writers, providing work, keeping set payment schedules and explaining any changes in policy, whereas different employers may not answer queries or send payment during a timely manner. Usually an excellent article is turned down just because the monthly quota has already been crammed.

Freelance writers should even have self-discipline. When not writing, the freelance author should always be seeking out new leads, opportunities and advertisements for writers. Freelance writers should have the fortitude and determination to continue and keep writing. The sweetness of freelance writing is that the author will do what he loves most and obtain obtained it. There are few jobs which will provide quite that.